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We specialize in breeding the original athletic style American Pit Bull Terrier.

Our dogs have the classic lean body, strong chest and chiseled head reminiscent of original early American bloodlines. Our dogs are bred to UKC show standards. Our own NitroBlue™ bloodline is a ZeroAggression™ line of dogs. All of the puppies we sell are a product of years of selective and careful breeding. This practice has resulted in an American Pit Bull Terrier that is true to form and of show quality potential. Many of the puppies we offer are a part of a project to produce a conformation correct, low to no aggression family of dogs. A term we call ZeroAggression™

We are an ADBA registered kennel located in the central Florida hill country. Our location in Crystal River provides a year round mild climate, large open spaces and just some of the prettiest country on Gods' green Earth. This all makes for some really happy dogs!

All of the puppies that we offer for sale are ADBA or UKC registered. Some may have dual registrations. Dog Days Kennel follows the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine vaccination protocol for puppies. Additionally, your puppy will have been medicated at minimum 3 times to kill any internal parasites. Will have been preemptively treated for Coccidia, Tetanus and Bordetella. Will have a State of Florida mandated Veterinary Inspection Certificate of Good Health and will be AVID MicroChipped to help your recovery efforts in the case of loss or theft.

Our puppies are ready to go their new family at 8 weeks of age for domestic customers, 12 or 16 weeks of age for International customers. This complies with Florida, U.S. and International law and is just a good idea anyway. All our puppies are well adjusted, of good temperament and accustomed to constant human contact. We handle our puppies from the time they are just hours old in order to begin the human bond your puppy will demonstrate with you long after it leaves it's birthplace.

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