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Saturday November 15, 2014




Dog Days Kennel is no longer breeding American Pit Bull Terriers. We officially ceased operations and closed on October 12, 2014. Here is the official notification I published on my Dog Days Facebook page notifying clients and fans of this event.

Dog Days Kennel ceases operations.


Today October 12th 2014, marks a milestone of sorts. I have placed the last dog in my breeding program Sage, with a family that has taken 4 of my dogs and in doing so, hand off the torch to them and two other kennels that are dedicated to continuing my NitroBlue project.

I am humbled by the enthusiastic embrace my dogs received once I was really ready to let them go. I know that about a year ago I said that I was closing, but I did little to really make that happen. My dogs are family and I found it very hard to take the action to actually re home my dogs. Now, it is done. That chapter in my life is closed. I now need to move forward and open the door that is in front of me.

I again thank everyone that has opened their hearts and homes to one of my dogs. I hope that everyone will continue to share bits and pieces of the life and times of your canine family member with me via this page.

With all my heart, I thank you all.



For the sake of posterity, this web site will remain up as a source of information and reference. This web site is for sale. Call for information.

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