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Dog Days Kennel

Veterinarian of Record is:

Dr. Paul Mack

Dr. Charles Witte

Dunnellon Animal Hospital

2238 W. Dunnellon Rd.

Dunnellon, Florida 34428

(352) 489-2074



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Conditions of Sale

Pit Bull PuppyPit Bull Puppy Pit Bull Puppy Pit Bull PuppyPit Bull PuppyPit Bull Puppy

Pit Bull Puppy Pit Bull PuppyPit Bull PuppyPit Bull Puppy

Pit Bull PuppyPit Bull Puppy

The information on this page is here to help potential Clients understand our criteria for purchase or adoption of one of our puppies. We also list other important terms and conditions that the Client must be aware of before you make the decision to submit a deposit or purchase payment. This page is not a contract but rather a "Please know this before you purchase" page. If you choose to purchase, you will be required to accept a Sales Contract that will include many of the things listed here. This Contract may be viewed by clicking the Sales Contract tab to the left.

We are selective about where our puppies are placed. It is important to the physical and mental health of the puppy that it have a stable and loving home environment. We require that a Veterinarian reference be given before we will consider any potential client for the sale or adoption of one of our dogs or puppies. We will not give consideration to any prospective client that lives in a municipality that has in effect any Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that prohibits the ownership of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Additionally, we prefer that prospective clients be:

• Gainfully employed in a professional capacity.

• In a long term stable relationship or married.

• Chronologically mature.

• Single professional clients are not necessarily excluded.

• Children are a plus

• Other pets are a plus

• Homes with space to run preferred over apartments.

• Previous experience or ownership of an APBT type dog.


Your deposit or purchase payment is your declaration that you request consideration for the purchase or adoption of the puppy or dog you have made payment on. After we receive a deposit or purchase payment, we will contact you by email in order to set up a "Get To Know You" telephone conversation. We do this in lieu of a formal purchase or adoption application. We believe that a formal purchase application may be perceived by some Clients to be cold, impersonal and perhaps even invasive whereas my "Get To Know You" telephone conversation is much more inviting and informal. If after having spoken to you we are uncomfortable with the placement of the puppy, we will advise you of this at the end of the conversation and refund all payments you have made.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of our puppies to anyone that we consider in our own opinion or observation to:

• Have or show questionable motives for the purchase.

• Does not appear to have the ability or desire or means to properly care for or raise and discipline the puppy.

• Has any conviction of any felony crime. This goes to moral character.

In the event that you can no longer care for your puppy, you agree to to inform us of your situation and we reserve the right to reclaim the dog with no compensation to you. We will at our own expense reclaim the puppy at your location. We do this to keep any of our puppies from ending up in an animal control shelter where it may be euthanized.

In the event that you decide to sell your dog, we reserve our right of first refusal. This means that you agree to offer us the dog first for the same amount some other buyer has offered you. We know there really is no way to enforce this policy, we can only hope that you give it serious consideration.

Please make your decision to purchase carefully. Once we accept your payment, we will not offer refunds for any reason ( other than listed below ). If your baby Pit Bull does not get along with your Pekingese, it is regrettable but not an acceptable reason for a refund. If you change your mind, I'm sorry, no refund. In certain situations such as a loss of job or a catastrophic life event, we may offer to offset the deposit or purchase price paid to a future litter of equal value.

A puppy's eye or coat color may change as the puppy grows. No guarantee is made with respect to eye or coat color.

Your puppy will have been inspected by a licensed Florida Veterinarian for the presence of disease, parasites and obvious genetic defects and as such we guarantee that your puppy will be free from any disease or parasitic infestations on delivery and for a period of 48 hours following delivery. We further guarantee that your puppy will be free from any life threatening genetic defect for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Please refer to our contract page for additional conditions and stipulations.


All puppies sold as "Pet Quality" will retain the Registration Name that we have assigned to it and will have the "DDK" designation in the prefix of the registered name. I.E. "DDK's NitroBlue™ Blaze". As indicated in our "Puppy Care page", changes in the name that we assign your puppy is not allowed. We do this in order to maintain the identity of our bloodlines and because we are very proud of the work we do here. DOG DAYS KENNEL has worked very hard and very long in the pursuit of what we consider to be the perfect American Pit Bull Terrier. The name that we assign to your puppy will reflect this. The new owner can assign any new call name that they wish. All "Pet Quality" puppies MUST be spayed or neutered at the owners expense no later than 6 months from the puppy's date of birth. It will be considered a breach of contract if the new owner does not abide by the spay/neuter stipulation of the sales contract.

All puppies sold as "Show Quality" will retain the registration name that we assigned to it and will have the "of DDK" designation in the suffix of the registered name. I.E. "NitroBlue™ Blaze of DDK" It will be considered a breach of contract to deviate from this format. The owner may assign any new call name to the puppy that they wish. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. In no event will an exception be considered valid without written permission from Dog Days Kennel. NitroBlue™ and ZeroAggression™ are Registered Trademarks of Dog Days Kennel.


We offer kennel tours to serious prospective clients by appointment only. We do not allow window shoppers. We require that certain protective measures be taken by the client prior to accessing our kennel area or puppy pen. There is a very real concern and possibility that a prospective client may unknowingly expose our puppies and dogs to dangerous and possibly life threatening pathogens. This is especially worrisome if the prospective client is shopping for a puppy and has visited other kennels previously. A Parvovirus strand can remain active for months on the bottom of shoes and can then be deposited anywhere. We therefore require that the prospective client wear a protective surgical footwear covering and latex gloves. Both will be provided to the client before access to the kennel areas. We also offer video tours and pictures on request.


We sell our puppy reservations based on the number of puppies that we believe will be available based on a number of factors including historical litter sizes. It may be possible that the puppy you have paid a deposit on may not be available. This is more likely if your chosen reservation number is greater than #3. As a policy, we do not overbook any given litter. We in fact have under booked many litters in an effort to avoid this situation. In the event that you have paid a purchase deposit on a puppy that was not produced then we offer the following options.

1) You may transfer your deposit to any available puppy or litter.

2) You may transfer your deposit to a future litter from any breeding pair and insure yourself a number 1 reservation.

3) You may request a refund of your deposit.


If you have paid a deposit for a puppy and the Dam fails to cycle or fails to conceive after a successful mating, then all deposits will be held in the same order that they were placed for the next estrus cycle of the Dam. This usually occurs 4 to 6 months after the skipped cycle or failed conception. The dam will be mated to same male that would have been Sire or in the case of a failed conception, be mated to the same male that was used in the original mating. If the dam fails to conceive again, then you may select from one of the following options:

1) Transfer of funds paid to another available or future available puppy. This option is also available after the first failed conception.

2) You may request a refund of your deposit.


Full payment must be completed by the time the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age for domestic customers and by 4 weeks of age for international customers. DOG DAYS KENNEL will initiate a PayPal payment request and send the request to the email address of record for the customer. Payment requests will include all shipping if requested, Florida State Sales Tax for Florida customers, and applicable payment fees. As an alternative to PayPal, we also accept Western Union and Money Gram payments. Some international customers have reported problems with the use of PayPal, and in that case we recommend the use of one of the alternative payment methods mentioned above.





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