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Dog Days Kennel

Veterinarian of Record is:

Dr. Paul Mack

Dr. Charles Witte

Dunnellon Animal Hospital

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Puppy Feeding & Care Information


Pit Bull Puppy


Here at Dog Days Kennel we feed our puppies Diamond Brand Puppy and Dog Food. Your puppy started life with the best nutrition nature can provide, Mom's milk. After four weeks we begin to wean the puppies off of mom and by six weeks they are completely weaned. The recommended food mix is: One can of "Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lover's Soul" mixed with one cup of "Chicken Soup For Puppies Kibble". This is available at most Farm & Feed Stores or by clicking on the picture below you will be redirected to the Diamond Pet Food web site and from there your can find the dealer nearest you. Local customers can purchase select Diamond products from us. If you're really motivated, you can feed your puppy the same mix we use here.

Dog Days Monster Mash:

  • One Can Chicken Soup For Puppies.
  • One Cup Chicken Soup Kibble.
  • One Raw Egg.
  • One Cup Boiled White Rice (no oil or salt used to prepare).
  • One Cup Raw Fresh Chicken Necks. Cut into one inch pieces.

Mix all together. It will look like something that comes up after a long night of drinking beer and eating pizza, but your dog will LOVE it and it is SO good for them. Your puppy will not eat the entire mix! Only feed as much as you know your puppy will eat. Refrigerate leftovers.

Puppy Food Puppy Food Puppy Food Puppy Food Puppy Food Puppy Food Puppy Food



Dog Days Kennel follows the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine vaccination protocol for puppies. Research indicates that vaccinating puppies before the age of 8 weeks does little to prevent disease or build resistance to pathogens. New research reveals that early vaccination may in fact place the puppy at risk for immunological, cellular and allergic disorders.

Maternal antibodies protect the puppy from most pathogens beyond the first 8 weeks of life and so any vaccine administered before 8 weeks would be neutralized. Puppies are much more susceptible to parasites, sporozoites, merozoites and protozoa exposure and so we have an aggressive, preemptive protocol to prevent any organisms from making their home in your puppy. Your puppy will receive its first ever dose of Ivermectin at 4 weeks of age to eliminate any intestinal parasites and begin Heartworm protection. Once your puppy is old enough to lap water, he / she will will begin ingesting Albon to prevent Coccidia. At 6 weeks, your puppy will again receive another dose of Ivermectin. At 8 weeks of age, your puppy will receive it's first inoculation. The antigen composition of the inoculation may change as advances in veterinary medicine and research evolve in order to provide the best possible protection from pathogens while minimizing the possible negative reactions your puppy may have to these antigens. This regiment allows us to provide you with a guaranteed healthy puppy. We have not had a single case of Puppy Parvo in our kennel since we started operation in 1998. A good part of this track record is that we do not allow "social contact" between our dogs and puppies and any other dogs outside of our kennel. We also limit social contact between our dogs and people outside of our kennel. We have found this to be a successful method in keeping out pathogens. Still, I must give credit where credit is due: Here at DOG DAYS KENNEL, we proudly use and recommend Merck Nobivac® Canine Vaccines. Our preferred line is the Merck Nobivac® DA2PPvL 7 way product and the Merck Intra-Trac canine intranasal product



Many proud new puppy owners can't wait to get their puppy out into public and show off their newest family member to other proud puppy and dog owners in their communities. One favorite meeting place of urban dwellers is the Chuck-E-Cheese of doggie entertainment places, the Doggie Park. Doggie Parks offer a great venue for teaching dogs how to interact with people and other dogs ...BUT... they are also a cornucopia of doggie diseases. For a healthy, properly inoculated dog with a good immune system, this is a great place to meet new friends and play doggie games. For a puppy, it could be a death sentence. Even properly inoculated puppies do not have immune system maturity and as a result could and do fall prey to many diseases that may not even produce symptoms in a mature dog. I could list a page full of microbes that could infect your puppy at a Doggie Park but I think I have made my point clear. I do NOT recommend that any puppy be allowed to socialize with any strange dog until the puppy is 6 months old or more and then only if the puppy has been properly immunized. Several years ago I received a call from a heartbroken customer that lost their 4 month old puppy to Parvo after repeated trips to Doggie Parks and other public places. This could have been avoided by continuing the vaccination regiment to it's conclusion and by isolating the puppy until his immune system was ready to protect him from the myriad of doggie pathogens in this world. If I have scared you into over-protection mode, then I am confident that you will never call me heartbroken over the loss of your puppy.



Your puppy will have had an AVID microchip implanted between the shoulder blades to help you with any needed recovery efforts in the event of loss or theft. Even though it is possible to track your puppy back to DOG DAYS KENNEL without any action on your part, this is not the recommended method of tracking. I may not have your current contact information available should you ever need to have your puppy's microchip information used by any shelter or rescue facility in order to locate you. DOG DAYS KENNEL, SRONGLY urges you to use the provided registration certificate included in your new puppy pack to register your puppy in the PETtrac system. Registration is only $18.50 for the life of your puppy. This is a 24 hour, 7 days a week registry that is available to all Veterinarians, Shelters, Law Enforcement and Rescue Facilities to contact owners in the event that their pet has been found. This is the registry of record for all Avid, Home Again and Bayer micro chipped animals. Please make it easy to find you in case your puppy needs to have you found. I can't tell you how many times a tearful, distressed puppy owner has called me looking for help in locating a lost family member.



Your puppy will have a pedigree registration from either the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) or the United Kennel Club (UKC) at times we include dual registration for some litters.

As indicated in our "Conditions of Sale page", changes in the name that we assign your puppy is not allowed. We do this in order to maintain the identity of our bloodlines and because we are very proud of the work we do here. DOG DAYS KENNEL has worked very hard and very long in the pursuit of what we consider to be the perfect American Pit Bull Terrier. The name that we assign to your puppy will reflect this.

Your puppy will be registered to DOG DAYS KENNEL upon birth and will remain registered to DOG DAYS KENNEL until the new owner has completed the registration information on the pedigree certificate and submitted it to the proper registration entity. DOG DAYS KENNEL urges all new owners to register the puppy in their own name as soon as you receive the puppy and documentation. The new owner will NOT be able to show, breed or lay claim to the puppy until you can demonstrate that the puppy is registered in your name. This is very important! The one time cost for an ADBA registration is only $ 10.00 The cost for a one time UKC registration is only $ 16.00 One of the reasons that it is important to register your puppy as soon as you receive him or her is that the registration cost will increase if you have not done it within the first 4 months for an ADBA registration or the first year for a UKC registration. The cost for an ABDA registration after the first 4 months is $20.00, for a UKC registration $36.00



I see many discussions online about ear cropping. Many times these discussions get quite heated. People often have VERY strong opinions on the topic of ear cropping. If you have a puppy and are debating on whether or not to crop, please read on.

Personally, I prefer my dogs to have natural, unaltered ears. The only dogs in my kennel with cropped ears are dogs that I have bought that way. Having said that, ear cropping is a matter of personal preference. If the crop is done by a knowledgeable Veterinarian, the healing process is usually swift and uneventful. I would like to point out that an alternative to cropping would be to glue and tape the ears in a natural Rose Prick. If you want to see what this looks like, look at Macho or Sarah in my Pedigree page.

The UKC show standard is that cropping is optional. The United Kennel Club has recently added an amendment to the standard that states:

EARS -- Ears may be cropped but natural ears are preferred. Natural ears are small to medium in size, high set, and may be drop, semi-prick, or rose.

Drop ears: The ears are set high, level with the upper line of the skull, accentuating the skull's width. At the base, the ear is just slightly raised in front and then hangs along the cheek. The tip is slightly rounded. When pulled toward the eye, the ear should not extend past the outside corner of the eye.

Semi-prick ears: Same as drop ears except that only the tips of the ears drop forward.

Rose ears: Rose ears are small and set high on the skull.

Fault: Hound ears.

The ADBA standard is much simpler:

Ears- no preference should be given to cropped or un cropped ears, except to enhance the overall attractiveness of the
individual dog.

If you plan to show your dog, please consult me and I can advise you whether you should crop or tape your puppy's ears based on my observations of your puppy's ear configuration. Here are some examples of various types of crops.


The dogs in my kennel that are cropped have what is known as a Modified Show Crop. This style of crop is more triangular with little very little bell. Look at Steel or Blaze in my Pedigree page for a visual.

Some things to be prepared for IF you choose to crop are as follows:

After the surgery and usually by the next day, your puppy will resume normal activity but will likely be uncomfortable for some time to come. The most important thing to watch for during first few days post surgery is to make sure that the puppy does not scratch at his stitches and possibly pull one. Your Veterinarian will suggest the use of a "Doggie Lampshade" (Elizabethan Collar) to prevent scratching. I strongly recommend that you agree to use one. The cost is minimal.

During the first week, you must keep the sutures clean and free of scabbing. This is not necessarily hard to do but does require diligence and persistence on your part. Cleaning and taping a puppy's ear that looks like hamburger is not for the faint of heart. Hydrogen Peroxide and Neosporin can be used to clean the ears and soften any scabs. This task is made all the more difficult because puppies don't like to hold still for anything.

Actual ear taping can last anywhere from a month after surgery up to when the puppy is 12 months old. It depends on the style of crop, the quality of the dogs ear leather and your diligence in keeping the ears clean and taped.

Again, be prepared for continual maintenance ... cropping is NOT an instant gratification. It takes lots of patience, persistence and tape to get these ears to stand up properly. If you don't feel you can deal with frequent cleaning, medicating and taping, I would advise not to crop.

Many people will debate that a cropped ear is cleaner and easier to maintain while others will argue the opposite. Whether you choose to crop or not, you still need to maintain your dogs ear health by cleaning, checking for debris and parasites.

Cropping IS cosmetic surgery that is performed in a clean and sterile environment by a Veterinarian. However, as with any surgery there are risks any time you put your dog under anesthesia. Be sure you consult your Veterinarian and confirm that Acepromazine will not be used to sedate your puppy before surgery. Although it is a generally safe sedative for use in adult dogs, it has been known to put puppies at risk of death.

If you would like your puppy to have cropped ears but do not want to deal with the surgery and aftercare, DOG DAYS KENNEL will provide this service for you at an additional charge. Our Veterinarian will perform the surgery and we will provide the follow-up care. The only style of crop we offer with this service is the Modified Show Crop. The puppy will be delivered to you with cropped and healed ears. All purchase, shipping and medical fees must be paid in full prior to scheduling for surgery. The fee for this all inclusive service is $ 450.00

Whatever you decide, be comfortable with your decision ... neither argument is right or wrong. If you want to crop and are prepared for the follow up care, then by all means, ask me to refer you a Veterinarian. If you choose to keep those floppy ears, enjoy them as well! Whichever you choose, just be sure and practice regular ear cleaning and maintenance!



Tail Docking is not customary in the American Pit Bull Terrier. Tail Docking is a disqualifying fault by the show standards of the United Kennel Club for the American Pit Bull Terrier. Dog Days Kennel does not allow tail docking of any puppy we sell unless it is medically necessary.