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Dog Days Kennel

Veterinarian of Record is:

Dr. Paul Mack

Dr. Charles Witte

Dunnellon Animal Hospital

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Shipping Information Airplane


We can ship your puppy anywhere in the U.S. and to many destinations abroad.


We use Delta PetsFirst® or American Airlines Priority Class, Northwest DASH® and Continental PetSafe® to ship to all major cities in the U.S. Please see our fare table below:


Domestic Premium Pet Class Air Cargo:

Detail of Charges:

  • Airline Ticket for series 300 ( large ) animal shipping crate: $388.00
  • Fuel Surcharge: $25.00
  • Health Certificate* : $50.00
  • Shipping Crate with comfy Pillow Pad: $60.00
  • Florida Gross Receipts Tax: $18.00
  • Puppy Insurance Included

* This charge applies if more then ten days has elapsed from the issue date of the original Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and a replacement certificate is required for travel. This charge is not reflected in the total shipping price noted below.

Total: $491.00


All shipping charges must be paid in full no later than 14 days prior to the first available departure.

Your pet will depart from TPA, Tampa International Airport. There is no additional charge to take your puppy to the airport 84 miles away.

Shipping from MCO, Orlando Internationl Airport may be required in order to insure that your puppy will have the shortest flight possible. In this case, an additional fee of $50.00 will apply.


All shipping includes the Florida mandated Official Certificate Of Veterinary Inspection For Sale of Dog.

Standard domestic airfare is quoted for an 8 week old puppy that will ship in a large # 300 kennel. Older puppies may require a still larger kennel and will weigh more than an 8 week old puppy. In this case, the shipping charge will be quoted as requested.

Puppy Insurance is included in all shipping at no additional charge. This protects your investment in the event that your puppy is lost, stolen or dies in transit.


International Shipping...


International shipping rates vary. The above fare detail is for domestic U.S. shipping only. International shipping rates will be quoted as requested.

All international shipping, documentation and special services charges must be paid in full by the time the puppy reaches 4 weeks of age. This is necessary due to the amount of work, time and documentation needed to secure safe passage of your puppy to your location Delays and bureaucratic red tape are always a possibility when dealing with foreign import regulations and customs.

International destinations may require shipping from MIA, Miami International Airport more than 300 miles away. An additional fee of $300.00 will apply in this case.

Many countries require that your puppy have an destination country specific Import Health Certificate that is endorsed by a USDA / APHIS VS employed veterinarian. This is in addition to the United States Department of Agriculture International Certificate of Health Examination and Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Please note that an additional fee of $235.00 to $475.00 will apply depending on the testing required by the country of import.

Some overseas destinations require that an animal passport be issued for the importation of cats and dogs. In this case an additional fee of $50.00 will apply. Please be advised that the issuance of an animal passport requires additional time to secure.

Most European and Asian destinations will not accept for import any puppy that is less than 12 weeks and in many cases, 16 weeks of age.

Many European and Asian countries will asses an Import Duty or Tax for the importation of goods and animals. Any duty or tax must be paid to the customs authority that has levied the charge and is the responsibility of the new owner. Please check with Customs officials in the destination country to learn if any duty will be due when you pick up your puppy.

Nearly all overseas destinations require that your puppy be vaccinated for Rabies and and then quarantined for a period of no less that 30 days and sometimes much longer prior to importation. Specific quarantine information will be provided as required. In this case an additional fee of $75.00 will apply.


Summer Shipping...


Current airline policy is that no animal will be accepted for shipping if the temperature anywhere along the animals route of travel exceeds 85° F. Some airlines have a policy that allows a higher undisclosed temperature limit with a Certificate of Acclimation. It is clear that the shipper assumes all risk with shipping outside of published policy and so Dog Days Kennel will NOT ship any puppy if the forecasted temperature anywhere along the travel route is expected to exceed 85° F.


Winter Shipping...


Shipping to cold weather climes or shipping most anywhere during winter months may require a Certificate of Acclimation depending on destination and airline policies in effect. If a certificate is required by the airline, an additional fee of $25.00 will apply.

Many Airlines have policies for the shipping of live animals during cold weather. American, Northwest, Delta and Continental all have a cold weather lower limit of 45° F without a Certificate of Acclimation. 20° F with a certificate. This cold weather restriction does not apply to destinations within the State of Alaska. Due to the relatively short time that a puppy may be subjected to cold temperatures between the temperature controlled animal holding area and the airplane, and because we do ship your puppy in a travel kennel that contains an insulated pillow pad, Dog Days Kennel will ship your puppy to any destination as long as the forecasted low temperature is not expected to fall below 20° F.


Day Of Departure Information...


On the day of departure, your puppy will not be given anything to eat and will not be given any water later than 1 hour from departure. This is necessary because it is very likely that your puppy will suffer some degree of motion sickness. We prefer that the crate your puppy travels in be clean and dry on arrival.

You will be advised of the scheduled flight information, delivery date and time at least 3 days prior to the actual date by telephone and again by E-Mail. If we cannot reach you by phone prior to the scheduled departure, we will not ship your puppy. We will call you to advise you when your puppy has boarded. You must pick up the puppy at the arrival city no later than one hour after arrival. Many airports will impose a kennel fee that must be paid prior to transfer to the owner if the puppy has been in holding for an extended amount of time. It is also not good for the puppy to be alone in a strange place for an extended amount of time. On arrival to your home we request that you call us to let us know of the safe arrival of your puppy. You should offer water to the puppy as soon as you arrive home. After it is clear that the puppy does not have motion sickness, it is advisable to feed it. Motion sickness is evident if the puppy is lethargic or is vomiting a white foamy spit. Fear not your puppy will recover in a little while.


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